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Interstate Services Directory


Easily locate rest areas, welcome centers, roadside turnouts, and scenic vistas along America’s interstate highways. Find out where these areas are and the facilities available such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Family Restrooms
  • Phones
  • Restaurants
  • Picnic Tables
  • Vending Machines
  • RV Dump Stations
  • Wireless Internet
  • More

The Interstate Services Guide is a must for anyone who travels America’s interstate highways.


RV Service Center Companion Guide


This guide makes finding quality,reputable service centers easy!

Should you ever have an unexpected breakdown or mechanical failure, it will definitely come in handy!


RV Golf Companion Guide


Now you can search listings ofpopular golf courses along the routes you travel.

They’re hand picked, based on golf enthusiast’s feedback, and are generally located close to popular RV park destinations!


RV Dump Station Guide 



The RV Dump Station Guide makes it easy to find public dump stations. Over 2,000 locations across the United States are listed and included.

Dump stations easily accessed from Interstate highways are listed by exit or mile marker number, making it easy to find one as you travel. Those in other locations are listed alphabetically by city or town.

The RV Dump Station Guide is the perfect companion and a valuable resource for all RVers.

Walmart Guide


Easily find Walmart & Walmart Supercenter stores across the United States and Canada with this comprehensive directory. Over 2,700 stores with all details including GPS and driving directions are listed in this guide.

Plus, Walmart Supercenters located within one mile of an Interstate highway are identified by the Interstate exit number.


Truck Stop & Travel Center Guide


The Truck Stop & Travel Center guide includes listings for over 900 popular truck stops and travel centers in America. Includes the following establishments:

  • Flying J Travel Plazas
  • Love’s Travel Stops
  • Petro Stopping Center
  • Pilot Travel Centers
  • Travel Centers of America (TA Travel Centers)